Frequently Asked Questions

North Oaks is a unique, private community - as such, there are bound to be questions about the way things work...
How is North Oaks different from other cities?
Most cities have a public works department that takes care of the roads and recreation—functions that are funded by taxes. In North Oaks, the roads and recreation are privately-owned and taken care of by the home owners’ association.
How do privately-owned roads and recreation make a difference?
No one is permitted to use the roads or recreational amenities unless they are a NOHOA Member or with a NOHOA Member. Persons coming into the community without an invitation are trespassing and can be ticketed.
What do my dues pay for?
NOHOA dues pay to maintain the roads, recreational amenities, and trails. Dues fund community information outlets, such as this booklet, as well as supporting a healthy and safe natural environment.
When do I pay my dues?
You will be billed on January 1 and payments are due on January 31. When you become a Member, you will also pay an initiation fee.
Payments can be made in person, by cash or check, or online with a credit card. In order to use a credit card to pay your dues, you must have an account to access the NOHOA website.
Are there special rules about parking in the street?
Parking is permitted on one side of the street only. The first parked car determines the side. Residents are asked to oversee the parking of contractors doing work for you to make sure they don’t block the roads or cause problems in other ways.
What about snow plowing?
You may hire a snow removal contractor but per state law, snow from your property may not be piled on anyone else’s property. Also, the snow cannot be pushed across the road or leave ridges in the road. Contractors who use trucks with trailers to bring in snow removal equipment should not be parking on the roads in a manner that interferes with snow removal on the roads by NOHOA's contractor.
How can you tell who is a member and who is not?
NOHOA issues decals to Members to place on their cars and bikes, etc. These decals are required for any Member using the roads or NOHOA rec sites.  They are also helpful to the Sheriff’s Department in determining if a driver or biker is trespassing. Decals can be obtained through the NOHOA office.
Can I have a garage sale or open house?
Yes, you can have these events, but you cannot post an address in a public forum like a newspaper or online. Signage should feature a phone number where to call to learn the address. In this way, you are issuing a verbal or email invite to your home and not asking people to trespass. Only one sign is permitted for your sale or Open House.
Can anyone access the information on the NOHOA website?
Only Members can access the full range of options available on the NOHOA website once logged in. For assistance, call the NOHOA office at 651-792-7765.
Property Changes: 
Are there special rules if I live near a pond, lake or trail?
Before doing any work to change the environment of a pond or shoreland, call the NOHOA office. The staff can provide you with details regarding applicable rules for NOHOA or the City, depending on where you live. The trails all rest on land owned by NOHOA or within easements; no changes can be made within the easements or on NOHOA land. Please call the NOHOA office before doing anything to determine what rules apply.
What do I need to do if I want to make a change to the exterior of my property?
Any time you make a change to the exterior of your home or your property, you must apply to the Architectural Supervisory Committee. This includes, but is not limited to, new construction, an addition, changing the paint, landscaping, roof, deck, pool, and sometimes the shoreland and trail easement. There is more information located on the home page under the tab Architectural Review.
Is there any time when I don’t need permission to make a change on my property?
If you have been instructed to remove a diseased tree by the City Forester or you want to remove buckthorn from a non-shoreland area, you do not need permission.
Why is buckthorn an exception to the need permission rule?
Buckthorn is an invasive plant that grows quickly, inhibiting native species. Its density creates a habitat for tick-bearing wildlife, its limited root system does not provide shoreland stabilization, and its tendency to crowd native plants and trees affects a healthy canopy. The NOHOA office has buckthorn pullers that you can borrow to remove this plant pest from your property.
Can I fish in North Oaks?
Fishing is not permitted in any North Oaks lakes or ponds.
Can I use a boat in North Oaks lakes?
Canoes and kayaks are permitted as are sailboats. No motorized boats are permitted. Sailboats, kayaks, and canoes can be moored on Pleasant Lake with a permit through the year once rented through the website here
Can I use a golf cart on the roads or a minibike on the trails?
The use of golf carts anywhere in the city and on the North Oaks Golf Course is prohibited. No motorized vehicles are permitted on the trails other than those of  NOHOA contractors.
Can I raise chickens or have bee hives?
Per the original warranty deed, the raising of any fowl is not permitted. There are no rules in place regarding bees but you should take the time to talk to your neighbors first before setting up beekeeping.
Where can I get a map of the trails?
A trail map is available here or at the NOHOA office.
Can I ski on the trails?
Skiing is permitted on the trails, keeping in mind that the trails are groomed for skiing after a six-inch base has been established. Persons riding fat-tire bikes and dog walkers are asked kindly to stay to the side of the trail that has not been groomed for skiers.
Are there skating rinks in North Oaks?
North Oaks has two rinks located at the West Rec Area. The rinks are generally ready for use mid- to late-December. The rinks stay open daily (after school and all day on weekends and holidays) until mid- to late-February. We will update the Warming House Hours here each December
Do walkers, bikers and joggers in North Oaks wear safety vests?
For safety reasons, Members are encouraged to wear safety vests while out walking, biking, and jogging. Vests are available at the NOHOA office for $16 each.